Q. What is a Mirror Mirror Conference?
A. “Mirror Mirror is a Conference for Teenage Girls and Young Adults designed to empower and equip them with the vital truths from God’s Word! Topics such as, “Knowing Who You Are In Christ!”, “Replacing Lies With Truth!”, “Discovering Your Gifts!” and “Fulfilling Your Divine Destiny!” are taught and discussed!

We have seen girls ‘come alive’, get excited about life and leave ‘free’ as they carry with them the good news of Jesus Christ!

Though geared toward teenage girls and young adults, the messages know no gender and will help people of any age!
Q. Is the Conference intended for all ages?
A. I truly believe it depends on your daughter’s level of maturity. We find that our most receptive age is high school, college and beyond.
Q. Do you ever counsel the girls following a Conference?
A. I soooo wish I could! But due to time constraints it is just not feasible. That is why we strongly desire to work with the churches and their Youth Pastors or someone able to help guide the girls. When a representative comes from the church, he/she is able to see first hand some of the needed areas of concern from the girls directly!

If that is not possible however, another thing I am thrilled about is, we are able to offer quality products and teaching tools so that you, the Youth Pastor, or the girls themselves can have and take home to learn much of what is taught at the meetings.
Q. Is there a fee for the Conference?
A. At this time, we are doing our best to be able to provide our Mirror Mirror Conferences absolutely free. This is why we are always raising the needed funds through our precious and valued Sponsors; businesses, partners, and individuals. We never want anyone to be unable to attend due to a lack of finances. I see where this may change in the future however, by having a registration fee, especially to help provide for the band.
Q. Where is Mirror Mirror for the guys?
A. Ha! Ha! Ha! I get asked this all the time! I truly do! Well…let’s see what God does! It would be an awesome thing I think, to have MM for the girls in one arena and MM for the guys in another arena and then at night everyone come together with an incredible band; all worshipping God; praising Him for Who He is and what He has done! Whew! How awesome is that! Actually, that is what we are doing this year with Barlow…after the teaching aspect of the conference; families are all going to be together for an amazing time with the band!




Anna Donahue Ministries is so thankful and honored once again for the continued support of Hand of Hope / Joyce Meyer Ministries for our upcoming Mirror Mirror 8 Conference this year!


"Mirror Mirror 7!" Conference for teenage girls and young adults!
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