Here's What Happened at Mirror Mirror 7 June 2012!


A Little History

I actually began the first “Mirror Mirror” Conference nearly a decade ago at our home church, Victory Fellowship in Metairie, Louisiana. At that time, the meeting was held for adults. I remember the room was full in the Life Center kitchen where we conducted the meetings. I remember thinking to myself how crucial some of these teachings are and what they did for me as I was growing in my walk with Christ. The revelation of “who I am in Christ” and “Who He is in me” helped to revolutionize my life in the early 90’s. That and the message of “Grace” are two pillars that I stand on to this day!

Shortly after Hurricane Katrina slammed into the New Orleans area, so many of us were scattered and relocated all across the country. My family was relocated to Lafayette, Louisiana for a 9 month period. It was during that time, that I began to receive e-mails from concerned parents with regards to their daughters and some of the behavior they saw coming from their daughters. These behaviors came in the form of mild depression to full blown anorexics and bulimics to precious young teen girls who just didn’t give a care about anything! I remember I kept thinking, “Someone has to grab hold of these young people and let them know about the real God and that He is truly concerned for them, loves them and has an awesome plan for their lives!” I remember calling my assistant, Paula Kent, and saying to her, “Paula, someone has to reach these young people!” For a season, it seemed everywhere I turned, I found myself saying the proverbial word, “someone”; as in “someone” has to do something about this!

The Lord then reminded me of myself when I was 20 years old. I was on a college campus crying out to God with all I had in me! I was so searching for truth and cried out to God to help me. He surely did, but I remember back then searching everywhere saying, “I wish I had someone to teach me! I wish I knew where to go; what steps to take”. No one around me at the time seemed to know about this new found truth that I had just experienced. But God was faithful and He helped me to find my way!

I said all of that to say, that after I kept saying to people, “someone” needs to help our young people ‘see’ the truth for their lives, that I felt an impression from God, “Take the “Mirror Mirror” teachings to the next generation.” I thought, “OK…this will be great!” A couple of meetings and then I’ll continue with teaching and equipping adults.” But brothers and sisters, to my sheer delight and amazement, these conferences continued to hit a much needed mark. Only God knew. By the time “Mirror Mirror” 3-Purpose for Living!” came; I was so excited to see all of the precious faces I could hardly stand it! Businesses from everywhere including Wal-Mart came on board with huge give-aways and I knew we were in for a ride!

And now, what God seems to be doing, is, the ages of the people are blending together! MM 3 saw moms, aunts, cousins, college age and middle school people coming from everywhere! We even had a row of ‘guys’ who sat in the back! The messages are timeless and will help regardless of the age!

So there you have it! The history of how our “Mirror Mirror” Conferences got started! The vision we believe God has given us is to continue growing these meetings doing what we do best; encouraging and equipping our audiences with the truths from God’s Word!

Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing you at our next “Mirror Mirror” Conference!


Mirror Mirror 4
Soar...Above the Norm!
with special guest Barlow Girl

Shortly before we were going to do our first “Mirror Mirror” Conference, our 18 year old daughter, (who was 14 at the time) said to me while we were driving in the car, “Mom, you know there is a girl band called Barlow Girl and they sing a song called “Mirror Mirror”!” I had heard of Barlow Girl, but was not familiar with the song. Our daughter then realized that she has their CD with the “Mirror Mirror” song on it in her purse! She pulled it out immediately and we put it into our CD player. I could not believe my ears! I LOVED IT! We listened to that song over and over and over again! I had the girl who was doing our worship for the conference work on the song so that we could have it for the opening. She did and we loved it.

During that very first meeting, I said to the audience, “This song is by a group called Barlow Girl and the lyrics hit home with everything we are endeavoring to do!” I then told them the story of how our daughter ‘just so happened’ to have the CD in her purse and how we listened to it a ga-zillion times! I then said to the audience, “Do you believe that one day we will have Barlow Girl as our special guests?” The audience applauded and even yelled, “Yes!” We know it will happen! (Their faith was bigger than mine at the time, as I remember thinking it is possible but wouldn’t be for quite some time.)

But the goodness of our God! During August of ’08, two months after our MM 3 Conference, I was sitting at our kitchen table. I was talking to God and going over the events of the year thus far. My mind went to our recently conducted MM3-“Purpose for Living” Conference. It was such an amazing time. I then said, “What would it take to get Barlow Girl for our next conference?” Half just ‘tip toeing’ into this, I decided to check the band out on their website. I listened to so many of their songs while sitting at my computer and then going to YouTube and so enjoying their music. I took another step. I called their booking agent, Curtis, and asked him about the possibility of having Barlow Girl as our special guests. He said he felt it was a perfect fit! My heart and spirit began to ‘soar’! Curtis then said to me, “Dream Big Anna…I really think God is up to something with all of this!” As he said it, my spirit bore witness instantly! I was so excited I could hardly hang up long enough before I got on the phones to get the word out!

I have the best group of women who surround me and work with me. We have many businesses as you will see on our Sponsors Page who have rallied behind us. Everyone was so ‘on board’ that they began to envision the next conference! We found that we were indeed able to book Barlow and the rest, as they say, is history! Barlow Girl will be with us this June 20, 2009! Can you imagine?!!!!!

I learned something through all of this. I didn’t know at the time my daughter was telling me about Barlow and the “Mirror Mirror” song that all of this would transpire. But God did! I believe it was Him all along, guiding my daughter, having her ‘just so happen’ to have their CD in her purse, me sitting at the kitchen table ‘daydreaming’ about whether they would come or not! It is all HIM! Because He has the greatest plans for “such a time as this”! And He sees all of your precious faces in the process.

Mirror Mirror 3
Purpose for Living

Acts 26:16 -I have appeared to you for this PURPOSE... God said to Paul…
Purpose- design; intention; meaning; the object for which something exists…
What is my purpose and how will I know it when it is here?

Colossians 1:16b-Msg. Bible-Everything got started in Him and finds its purpose in Him!
Psalm 33:14-15 - “From the place of His dwelling He looks on all the inhabitants of the earth; He fashions their hearts individually.”

In this year's “Mirror Mirror 3-Purpose For Living!” these young people will learn what purpose is, why it is crucial to our everyday lives, and how to recognize one’s own, unique purpose! We will explore how God has given to each and every one of us strengths and different ‘wirings’ all designed with the potential to glorify God!

I will show some practical steps as to ‘how to’ discover our gifts and strengths. One example is found in a quote from Max Lucado: “Heed that inner music. No one else hears it the way you do. Note and record recurring themes.” Our young people will then be encouraged to take time and be with God every day; desiring to know Him and make Him known.

It’s going to be amazing!

As you know, this event has begun to take on a life of its own and we couldn’t be more excited! From Wal-Mart donating $ 1,000 worth of prizes and give-aways to many businesses contributing, to a message that I believe the Lord is truly depositing in my heart, MM 3 promises to be the best yet!

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Mirror Mirror 2
Healing Rejection

This meeting is a time of great freedom and truth for our precious young people. Topics such as, Knowing, Who You are 'in Christ' Excited to be 'Me', and "How to Replace Lies with Truth" are just a few areas that will be addressed. These girls will leave knowing how much they are valued and loved by our Heavenly Father.

The title of this Mirror Mirror, Part 2 is called, “Healing Rejection”… To ‘reject’ means ‘to cast aside’…I will do my best to show these girls how this ‘crummy’ form of communication, known as ‘rejection’ has hit us all at different times of our lives…it wraps itself in a variety of packages ranging from someone’s disappointing looks, to another’s condescending words, to the media’s influence of what is deemed ‘cool’ and ‘uncool’. Feeling ‘rejected’, that somehow you just don’t measure up, is an awful emotion. BUT I HAVE GOOD NEWS! And I plan to show these girls just how TRULY ACCEPTED AND AWESOME THEY REALLY ARE! Accepted by God and accepted by all of us! I want to empower these girls through the truths from God’s Word. I will also bring some very practical tips that they can use in their every day lives. (What are you saying to yourself about yourself…watch for downward spiraling with regards to your body image….how to set healthy boundaries for yourself to reflect who you are and what you need….check your thought life…. respect yourself….know your unique wiring, gifts and talents…dream big!...)

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Mirror Mirror 1
“Mirror Mirror on the Wall…Developing a Healthy Self Image!”
June 2006

We were taken by surprise as the conference room filled to overflow! My assistant grabbed chairs from the hotel pool and brought them to the conference room as girls, moms, aunts and friends squeezed in to enjoy the fun!

This teaching from “Mirror Mirror Part 1” includes: ‘Who am I and why am I here?’, ‘Who we are in Christ’, and ‘Replacing lies with the truth’.

Please see photos of past conferences on our Anna Donahue Ministries website. These can be found under Upcoming Events as well as in our Photo Gallery.

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Anna Donahue Ministries is so thankful and honored once again for the continued support of Hand of Hope / Joyce Meyer Ministries for our upcoming Mirror Mirror 8 Conference this year!


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