Mirror Mirror 1

"Mirror Mirror on the Wall... Developing a Healthy Self Image"

‘Who am I and why am I here?’
‘Who we are in Christ’
‘Replacing lies with the truth’

Mirror Mirror 2

"Healing Rejection!"

‘The definition of ‘rejection’
‘The true cure for rejection-rooted and grounded in the Father’s Love'
‘Practical steps for developing and maintaining a healthy self-image'

Mirror Mirror 3

"Purpose for Living!"

The definition of purpose; why it is crucial to our everyday lives, and how to recognize one’s own, unique purpose! We will explore how God has given to each and every one of us strengths and different ‘wirings’ all designed with the potential to glorify God!

I will show some practical steps ‘how to’ discover our gifts and strengths. One example is found in a quote from Max Lucado:
“Heed that inner music. No one else hears it the way you do. Note and record recurring themes.”
Our young people will then be encouraged to take time and be with God every day; desiring to know Him and make Him known.

Now Available!

Mirror, Mirror 4
"Soar... Above the Norm!"

This year's event was amazing! Now you can take home Anna's message for only $5.00 or the entire Mirror Mirror CD series (1-4) for $30.00 including S&H.

The price for all 4 CDs (MM1, MM2, MM3, and MM4) is $30.00 including shipping and handling.

To order these products, you can call Paula Kent at (504) 888-5450, or send your request via e-mail to Paula pkentla@hotmail.com, or administries@cox.net or contact us by mail at Anna Donahue Ministries, PO Box 74234, Metairie, Louisiana 70033. Please allow two weeks for delivery.


Anna Donahue Ministries is so thankful and honored once again for the continued support of Hand of Hope / Joyce Meyer Ministries for our upcoming Mirror Mirror 8 Conference this year!


"Mirror Mirror 7!" Conference for teenage girls and young adults!
- Positive Encouraging K-LOVE